Birthstone Power Dress


price starts from £595.00 - US$950.00

Bespoke in choice of colours and gems


An alluring dress to reflect the colours

and gemstones personal to your 

individual birthday. 


A figure hugging 3 tone floor length dress. Sensual show stopper with thigh high slits held together by 36 gemstones with a princess line bodice and waistband for a 

fitted silhouette.



Fully lined with a back zip. 


Available in UK sizes 4-16


Specialist dry clean only


Tigers Eye and Moonstone

Thigh high slits held together by gemstones that are customised 

based on your birthday.


Starceptual offers a wide range of gemstones that are chosen based on your astrological Ascendant, Sun Sign or Moon Sign. We can also choose crystals to enhance personal energy for improved success, better relationships, good health and prosperity.


Nicolas Aujula recommendation for 

each zodiac sign


Aries - Red Coral and Red Agate

Taurus - Green Aventurine and Jade

Gemini - Chrysocolla and Aquamarine

Cancer - Moonstone and Mother of Pearl

Leo - Carnelian and Sunstone

Virgo - Lapis Lazuli and Soladite

Libra - Rhodanite and Pink Coral

Scorpio - Tigers Eye and Obsidian

Sagittarius - Yellow Aventurine and Citrine

Capricorn - Garnet and Black Oynx

Aquarius - Turquoise and Amazonite

Pisces - Amethyst and Pink Tourmaline



Energetic properties of gemstones to enhance daily life


Red Coral - Aids stability, physical energy, courage, career progression

Carnelian - Boosts creativity, passion, sexual libido, social interactions, joy

Citrine - Increases self-esteem, intellect, individuality, ambition, personal power

Tiger's Eye - Manifests will, courage, strength

Green Aventurine - Helps love and relationships, harmony, compassion, emotional balance, helps money matters

Sodalite - Eases open communication and self expression

Lapis Lazuli - Allows you to see the bigger picture, aids inner vision and truth

Amethyst - Promotes serenity and spirituality, psychic vision, vivid dreams

Moonstone - aids intuition, creates calmness, helps in interpersonal relationships

Rose Quartz - attract love, promoting relationships, heals emotional hurts, forgiveness



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