The Vision


When Nicolas is designing, he is primarily inspired by colour, astrological symbolism and use of gemstones to help enhance the wearer's personal energy. He believes that our aura or energy field is a reflection of our personality and well-being that can be enhanced through the therapeutic use of colour and crystals. Every design also focuses on flattering a woman's body with Nicolas technical knowledge of a garments fit and design, combined with his innate creative eye, results in an effortless and wearable line that reflect the kind of woman he envisions - strong, aware and confident who is in touch with her soul.


His dresses can be regarded as "bold and luxurious", a staple to any modern women's wardrobe who is looking to make a metaphysically inspired style statement. Instead of using the anorexic drug-using models that strut the catwalk, Nicolas draws inspiration from real women that he used 41 year old Lisa Palmer to front his 'Emerald Divorce Dress' campaign.


Nicolas invites people to try his unique outlook to fashion infused with color, design and fit to inspire dressing for the mind-body-soul.







The dresses shown online are available for order today with bespoke fitting and optional customisation. To place an order email



Bespoke Orders

Starceptual are experts in made-to-measure orders and offer this service to create new designs. By taking into account colours and gemstones personal to your needs we can create a unique garment that is stylish and flattering personal to your individuality.   


This service starts from £1,000/US$1,500+ onwards


After a design consultation, the made to measure service includes 2-4 fittings. Allow 4-12 weeks for the bespoke garment to be completed. 




Nicolas is also available to advise on colours that are 

personal for you to wear based on your birthday and provide tips on harnessing the right shades for love, success and prosperity. 




Designs by Nicolas Aujula

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